Services in Wavre

Intuitif Coaching

Do you have a goal in your professional or personal life, but you can't seem to achieve it? Are you searching for fulfillment and want to rediscover joy in your life, but don't know where to start? 

Then intuitive coaching is for you!

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Psychological Counseling:

Through various experiences and therapeutic tools based on neuroscience and healthy relational principles, I accompany you to:

. Accept and express your emotions
. Reconnect with your body
. Become aware of and understand your modes of functioning with yourself and in your relationships
. Explore and practice concrete tools to reduce stress, anxiety or mental agitation
. Understand and practice the principles of assertive communication
. Understand and integrate your traumatic experiences.

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Wellness Massage / Body Mobilization 

Wellness Massage
A moment to take care of your body. A massage that seeks to deeply relax the tensions in your body.

Body Mobilization
Through different techniques, you can reduce muscle tensions and pains. Become aware of your body and its movement. 

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Energy Healing - Lecher Antenna

Using various techniques, energy healing helps to find grounding and to release what is no longer needed; thus accessing harmony between the body, mind, and soul.

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Deep Relaxation

  • Breathing
  • Appeasement
  • Surrendering
  • Letting go  and Mindfulness 

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